FCKCRNA w/ BORN FROM PAIN + VIRUS 41 // 10.09.2021

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  • Künstler: BORN FROM PAIN + VIRUS 41
  • Datum: 2021-09-10
  • Einlass: 17:00 Uhr

Event Information

FCKCRNA w/ BORN FROM PAIN + VIRUS 41 // 10.09.2021
Die Open Air Konzertreihe 2021 in der Badstraße!

“Sonne. Burger. Bier & Live Musik auf unserer Freightliner-Sommerbühne”. Direkt vorm L.A.!


Einlass: 17:00 Uhr | Start: t.b.a.

BORN FROM PAIN was founded in the early summer of ’97, as one of the early European bands to play a crossover/metalcore brand of heavy music. BORN FROM PAIN grew up in a musical environment of mid-80’s Bay Area and German trash metal and NY hardcore, 90’s Florida and Birmingham death metal, NYC crossover and US/European metalcore. Bands like Merauder, Stigmata, Earth Crisis, All Out War, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Integrity, Testament, Slayer, early Agnostic Front and Crumbsuckers were of infinite influence on members as the fuse was lit that summer…and for many years to come!

In the near 10 years of their existence BORN FROM PAIN have been mostly on the road and working hard to get noticed. Getting noticed started to happen fast. After releasing their first mcd “Immortality” in 1999, the band quickly followed up with their first full-length cd “Reclaiming The Crown” in 2000. Numerous support and headline shows followed. 2002 saw the release of the band’s second full-length “Sands Of Time” that received tremendous feedback everywhere and got the band to a new level.  Again, extensive touring with the likes of Hatebreed, Madball and Resistance Tour, to name a few, followed. The year 2004 saw the band embark on overseas tours in the US and Japan. Also the attention from bigger labels was drawn and in the year 2005 the follow-up to “Sands Of Time”, “In Love With The End” was released on Metal Blade Records. 1,5 Years of non-stop touring alongside bands like e.g. Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Six Feet Under followed, just like appearances at festivals like Wacken Open Air, With Full Force Open Air, Waldrock Festival, Pressure Fest, Hell Fest and numerous other bigger and smaller festivals all over Europe, as well as touring South America.

Over the years the sound of BORN FROM PAIN has always kept it’s trademarks and backbone intact; brutal groove, murderous fast riffing and a feeling for the most aggressive breakdowns. Never giving in to trends that came and went in heavy music over the years. BORN FROM PAIN has always felt that spewing lyrics that represent feelings of anger, frustration, melancholy and social criticism, works best over riffs that hit you like a steamroller at full speed. The band strongly signals a feeling of stand-up, honest, straight forward authenticity to the world in a stagnant metal and hardcore scene, which the band feels is ever so important in music nowadays. BORN FROM PAIN have added another dimension to their sound using electronics to underline and boost  the message and feelings they like to get across with their sound and as a whole.

BORN FROM PAIN are not, and never were, in this to win a prize for trendiest or coolest band, but to express feelings harbored by many in our scene, expressing the anger towards daily life, social unrest, emotional hardship and the murder of the world as we know it. Negativity, anger and frustration are feelings that no one can hold back in this day and age, but we can try and turn it around to make things better.

The year 2013 sees BORN FROM PAIN returning to a 5-piece. With original founding member Servee Olieslagers returning after a 10 absence and drummer Max van Winkelhof joining the band permanently BORN FROM PAIN is back at full strength and currently writing a new album to be released early 2014.

In the year 2013 the world is more than ever in a state of disarray and chaos. The powers that be do not seem to care about the people they claim responsibility for or feed their wealth. Nature is raped. People are mislead. Constantly pounding into us with a sense of uncontrollable greed. Crisis after crisis, year after year, day after day… Chaos unleashed on humanity to create new order and give a false sense of security in a world that is slowly turned into a prison. Semi-fascist laws are passed under the veil of terrorism and world peace  to legally control what needs to be controlled: the power of the people. This world is turning into a battleground…in many ways. People are pushed to survival in world that is structurally getting more grim and vicious. Where will this end? BORN FROM PAIN calls for a waking up out of the slumber. A waking up to what is happening in this world right now. The powers that be are closing in on us, the people. With “The New Future” BORN FROM PAIN is making a statement to fight, force and unite against what tries to kill us. Solidarity is more important than ever. There are ways to make this the world we need for us the people, we just need to get past the grip of fear and intimidation. We need to stop dancing with the devil.


Virus 41 Deathcore

Ihre Musik verbreitet sich wie ein Virus. Die Nummerierung 41 steht für den hochansteckenden Deathcore Virus, der sich sehr aggressiv und rasend schnell in den Köpfen der Hörer von Virus 41 verbreitet und  sie in tanzende Zombies verwandelt.

Die aus dem Landkreis Cham /Schwandorf stammende Band Virus 41 ist seit September 2010 in dieser Formation unterwegs, live die Bühnen in Bayern und darüber hinaus zu zerlegen. Deathcore ist das Zuhause von Virus 41. Tief gestimmte Gitarren, stimmliche Wechsel von eingängigen Scream`s und tiefem Growls  wie auch das Drumming mit vielen Blastbeat`s und Breakdown`s sind die musikalischen Duftmarken, welche von Virus 41 in die Ohrmuscheln der Konzertbesucher gejagt werden. Virus 41 überzeugt Live durch ihre professionelle Bühnenshow, ihr musikalisches Können und ihrem immer Stimmung bringenden Frontmann.

Unter anderem spielen textlich alltägliche Dinge wie z.B. Alltagsprobleme, Krankheiten  bis hin zur Party eine große Rolle. Zudem werden auch Trends, Apps und allerhand neuer absurder Schnickschnack kritisiert. Die Texte bleiben dabei immer auf einem guten Humor Level. Oft auch auf Bayerisch.

Die Jungs von Virus 41 sind ständig auf der Suche nach neuen und geilen Shows um ihr Deathcore-Brett an Euch in den Pit zu ballern!!! Sie waren unter anderem schon Support von Eskimo Callboys, Texas In July, Any Given Day, Nachtblut, Crushing  Caspars, Pay No Respect, Cunthunt 777, Ultrawurst, Blood God, Excrementory Grindfuckers, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Sodom, Cannibal Corpse, Milking the Goatmachine, Tuxedoo und Sepultura. Sie wirkten auch beim Metal Invasion Festival 2013 mit.  Hier waren unter anderem auch Bands wie Children of Bodom, Immortal, Kreator, Heaven Shall Burn, Sodom, Crematory und viele mehr vertreten. Im Jahre 2010 brachten Virus 41  4 Demo-Songs heraus.  Das Debütalbum „Inclined“ von Virus 41 wurde im November 2013 veröffentlicht. Im Juni 2014 veröffentlichten die jungen Bayern  eine EP die mit  ihrem Bandnamen „Virus 41“ betitelt ist. Alles natürlich bei Amazon, Deezer, Spotify etc zu erwerben. Ihr zweites Album wird im September 2020 veröffentlich. Die Virus 41  Crew bestehend aus Julian H. an den Drums, Konstantin G. am Bass, Roman S. an der Gitarre, Mario H. ebenfalls an der Gitarre und Peter H. am Gesang.

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Grund: Kontaktbeschränkungen, erlaubte Besucherzahlen oder sonstige Corona-Auflagen!
Dieses Jahr werden wir auch von der “Initiative Musik /Neustart Kultur” unterstützt! Unser Neustartprogramm wird dadurch noch vielseitiger, härter & cooler als 2020.